"central grande historic district"

We loved everything about Casa Mina - I'd go back to stay in every room in a heartbeat. I actually love just about any house built before 1980 but Casa Mina made me feel like we were right back in our first little 1925 home in Waco. In fact I picked room # 1 because it really did feel right at home - I own all the same furniture!? There's nothing better than having coffee on what's essentially your own green velvet settee. They perfectly preserved the charm of this historic home from the wooden floors, clawfoot tub and cutie bedroom fireplace.

Any room at Casa Mina would make the perfect backdrop for getting ready on your wedding day, having a romantic couple moment, branding, or just pretending it's 1910 and eating fruit on the balcony, fantasizing that your growing unread email inbox doesn't even exist yet. We love options.

Airbnb: Casa Mina # 1

Part One. The Kitchen & Living Room.

Part Two. The Bedroom.

Part Three. The Bathroom.

Part Four. The Common Area.