"I found healing in connecting with my body"


This session with Dianne was transitional. She radiates self love. She's exceedingly beautiful inside and out. The work she's put into healing her trauma and connecting with herself is everything I could hope for myself, and everyone I photograph. Allowing yourself the peace and space to be vulnerable is the first step.

Intimate sessions have always been a favorite for me. They aren't about posing sexually for a significant other. I can't get myself to edit out your lines or curves. Embracing yourself is learning to love every piece. As a woman, I don't get any gratification seeing photos of myself in pain, ass up with heels on. I connect best with women who feel the same. I feel sexy in nature. I feel sexy alone in my room. I feel sexy barefoot. I feel sexy with wet hair tied up in a bun. There is no right or wrong.

Boudoir to me is about connecting with your inner self however that evolves. The experience you have is everything. You can ease into feeling sensual in the right place with the right photographer. I don't do "boudoir mini sessions" because that wouldn't give us the time we need to be comfortable and connect. There aren't two sessions that will ever feel the same. Your session is for you, and being fully present with and for yourself is the most important part.

Secondly, so very grateful for Mckenzie Corner! The space you're physically in plays such a large role in feeling comfortable enough to let go. Jessica's space is warm, full of light, eclectic and welcoming. If you can't get to the studio an Airbnb or rental can be the perfect backdrop for a peaceful weekend to connect with yourself.