travel & stays;

something I've been dying to share. My intention for posting these spots was to give you more ideas on local or travel stays we can book for your session. These can be the place you get ready on your wedding day or where we'll document your maternity, bridals, boudoir, couple or family photos. The space you're in plays a role in your session down to the natural light, warmth of the room, furniture and so much more; all of these guide how we can tell your story.

I don't even know why anymore, but one of my *favorite* things to do is just sit on booking websites and look at rentals. I just look at them. I sit and picture what it would be like to book a session there. For hours. So, I've started booking them and going there. These places below are a work in progress but perfect spots that we can book to make your vision come to life. Links to book them are in the notes, as well as photos of my favorite spots on the property and what makes them unique.